Baked & Unwired

by Lynn

After a month of working in Georgetown, I finally caved and tried Baked & Wired (yelp link).  It came with strong recommendations from a good friend and co-worker.

If you get past the crowded front section (arrival around 1:45 pm, I guess everyone was getting their caffeine fix), it’s a “hippie” and homey atmosphere with sofas, love seats, corner chairs, and side-bars with stools.  There are many sweet (which I rarely consume) options, but I went for the Soccer Mom (scroll down for all ingredients) bar with “gooey stuff”.  The girl ringing me up suggested a 12-oz mocha (again hardly ever consume coffee) to complete the treat.  Paid ~$7.31.

I found a corner chair in the back room, put my backpack down to save my place (ah!  I’ve never left anything unattended in DC, and Georgetown isn’t immune, but I decided to take my chances), and went back to wait for my drink.  It took about 10 minutes, and I didn’t realize warm drinks came in glass; I thought my mother was the only who didn’t use ceramic for hot drinks.  However, it turns out that glass can be just as good of an insulator as ceramic but not as green.

For an hour I nursed my mocha, which was delicious and took tiny bites of my bar.  The staff is easy-going and friendly; they also collect your finished items.  By the end of the hour my drink had cooled and my body couldn’t handle any additional sugar from the bar.  I never leave food on my plate; I’m known as the garbage dispenser, but I left a crumble of the bar and an inch of mocha.

Needed lots of water after!

Before and After picture.  Note: they assumed my name was spelled "Lin" because I am Asian, but the Caucasian girl right behind me was spelled "Lynn".

During my stay, the music ranged from upbeat underground to “I just died in your arms tonight”.  I observed older couples stopping by for their “favorite cup of goodness”, a group of foreign speaking individuals chatting, longtime friends catching up and raving about the cupcakes, a man editing a paper on the other side of my window barrier, and a girl napping on the velvet sofa.  The place really died down around 3:45 pm.

Since leaving my intern position at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, I haven’t read pure academic writing on U.S.-China relations.  I spent about an hour skimming through China: The Balance Sheet before I had it off to a friend tomorrow.  Previously, I read Chapter 3 on Domestic Transformation, but I decided to review all of it.  Even though this was published in 2006, I believe the push for open communication between the U.S. and China is the most effective relationship both countries should strive for.  There’s also a follow-up China’s Rise: Challenges and Opportunities.  For all those who perceive that China is currently dominating the U.S., you will find that economics show we, Americans, are still the leading superpower in economic terms.

Perhaps a down-side of Baked & Wired was that their wireless internet didn’t work.  Pros and cons of being connected, so you can decide whether or not you’d like to try the place out.

p.s. Great view of the C&O Canal as you leave.  See if you can spy the Blue Heron in the picture on the right!