Cartwheel or Crane (Crow) Pose?

by Lynn

I’ve never successfully completed a cartwheel in my life.  During elementary school, I was always the one in gym class that failed to make the full around on a straight-line.  Besides it being now physically more difficult for me to do, I am probably less psychologically apt prepared.  Either way, one of my close friend’s texted me today: “Please do one cartwheel today” at 7:59 am.  So as I promised her, I tried.  I found a video on Youtube.

I attempted three times and failed miserably.

Instead, I turned to yoga.  I started practicing Bikram Yoga at Alexandria Bikram studio over a year ago, but when I moved into DC, I found this lovely studio in Adams Morgan.  I began practicing my Sun Salutations and every other pose you could find in a normal Vinyasa class.  One of my personal challenges is the Crane (Crow) – Bakasana pose.  Because of recent job changes, I haven’t been to the studio in a while, so I found an instructional video.  Once I held the pose for almost 2 seconds in class, so I wanted to challenge myself to do it for at least 10 seconds.  I should tell you that I dislocated my right shoulder at the end of January, but I have been fairly good about rehabilitating it.  After a few down dogs, I made my first attempt.  Time: 4.9 seconds.  Second attempt: 7 seconds.  Third: 11.2 seconds!!!  Success!  For those who want more detailed written instructions, you can find them here.