Waterfront Fountain

by Lynn

You knew I was going to do something ridiculous today because it was above 75 degrees before 6:30 am as I walked the dog.  I work in an office right by the restored Georgetown Waterfront Park.  Everyday, rain or shine, I hear screams of joy and relief.  When I peak out for an afternoon walk, I see children, teenagers, and occassionally adults frolicking happily and carefree.

I will sit on the benches envying them because for most people it’s only socially acceptable to join in the fun if you are:

  • under the age of 8
  • parent of a child already playing in the fountain
  • wearing workout clothing
  • dare friends
  • having a white t-shirt contest

Of course, I don’t fall into any or my own requirements, but what the heck.  It’s 98 degrees (feels like a 100) and to celebrate the record day I went through the fountain and only got a tiny bit wet because I forgot about gravity.  If you want to feel like a kid again (or smell like a public pool), you know where to go.

Photo Credit: David Rose