by Lynn

Sometimes you find inspiration at the most unexpected moments, but today I ventured to two predictable ones: Artomatic and Good Stuff Eatery.  Luckily, my amazing company tolerated and encouraged my “ah yes, now I am inspired to make art”.  Art lovers are out of luck.  Today was the last day (go at least a week before the end because some of the exhibits had left) of the showing, but they don’t close until 1 am!  Food lovers are in luck.  Good Stuff Eatery will still be in Capitol Hill (I don’t actually think the food at this location is any better than Crystal City’s; it’s statistics), Crystal City, and Georgetown (Fall 2012)!

A few pictures to document the varied Artomatic works we viewed and participated in today.  Most of my comments about the project: overwhelming, extreme, I can do that, that’s art (?/!), naked woman, and I don’t understand it.

Digitally edited from the original paper-cut artwork to look like a sketch; this was the first piece of the day that inspired me to reconnect with my artistic side.

The top piece was titled something along the lines of “The First Experience”. The explanation of the display on the floor was the reenactment of sperms attacking an egg. I call this “The First Attack”.

We have decided that will enter the Peeps contest next year. Here is “Pixelated Peeps”.

Review of the Good Stuff Eatery at Crystal City: Burger’s were just the right size aka the amount of food when you order a shake and fries (even if you split the latter items) will keep you full for several hours.  We had three different selections of burgers at the table, and everyone enjoyed their choices, so I doubt you can go wrong with what you pick.  They have an assortment of condiments.  Their shakes are like sucking ice cream through a straw – delicious.  Go for  the Village fries!  Appropriately priced for the quality.