Dabble Dabble Dabble – White Board Drawing Tools

by Lynn

For work, I learned about a free virtual whiteboard drawing company: Dabble Board.  It’s pretty intuitive to use, so you’ll pick it up easily.  My top two out of their ten listed reasons for using Dabble would be the collaboration aspect and instant straightening line correction.  The collaborative feature is similar to what Google has through Google Docs.  Since I have limited control of the lines I’m drawing on my trackpad, the auto-straighten feature was a huge plus!  The two major drawbacks were the non-existent gridlines and the fact that you could only select one item at a time while grouping.

Another service called Twiddla offers gridlines, but it doesn’t automatically straighten your lines.  This is actually more reflective representation of writing on whiteboard than Dabble Board, but for those who are favor clean and sleek lines, then Dabble away!

Speaking of illustration programs and software, Abode now offers Creative Cloud as an innovative business model for their Adobe products.  It includes Adobe Creative Suite® desktop tools, Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom® 4*, and new applications like Adobe Muse™ and Adobe Edge preview.  Note: it’s still limited to installation on two devices.

p.s. I bought my first dryer today!  Well, it’s actually a late gift to my mom, but it still counts.