Tudor Place

by Lynn

Despite the summer heat, I ventured off to the Tudor Place for an hour-long $8 1 pm hour long docent-led tour.  I was greeted by Jeralynn, the Director, who was very knowledgable and welcoming.  There are plenty of events and more to see from the Washington collection at the house during President’s Day.  Also, May is their busiest month.

Because of my timing, I was the only one with my guide, Jo.  If you are interested in a historical narrative of how one of the largest estates in Georgetown came into existence, then this is for you!  She presented a through and detailed tour of the house, family background, and their significance during the Civil War era.

Since there is no photography inside, you will have to plan a visit to see the fine Washington Collection.  Here are pictures of the maze-like garden (which you must stroll through) and exterior of the home.

It takes roughly 7 minutes at a mission-style walking pace to reach from 31st and M Streets to the entrance on the left side of 31st after Avon Lane.  You will throughly envy the gorgeous Georgetown row houses as you approach.

On the way back, consider taking a different route and walking down Wisconsin Avenue.  You will find a few empty stores (economic and construction reasons, I’m sure), apparel shops, and dining options.  For a good three blocks, I forgot I was in Washington.