No Mono Loco

by Lynn

Despite living in Charlottesville for four years and occasionally visits in the past two, this was my first experience at Mono Loco.  Even though it scored relatively highly amongst reviewers, I wasn’t super impressed.  Friends got the nachos, and I struggled to pick from an extensive burrito’s list.  The portions are ginormous, so if you’re looking for quantity, this will definitely fulfill that requirement.  The dishes weren’t very memorable.

The nachos’ cheese didn’t look like anything amazing, but it did have many ingredients sprinkled all over.  It can easily serve as the main dish for two (maybe three) females.  As for the burrito, I would suggest going with the bowl unless you really enjoy the wrap.  It’s nothing like Chipotle because if you actually tried to eat it with your hands, it would turn into a hot mess after one bite.

For those looking for suggestions, here are three favorite comparable (perhaps slightly higher) priced places to try out: