Month: July, 2012

“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”

I don’t usually drink anything other than water (warm and/or with lemon), tea, fresh smoothies, and the occasional coffee.  I tired the Sweet Leaf Mint & Honey Green Tea for lunch, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Not only did the cap include the inspirational (or as Negative Nancy’s would view it – depressing) title of today’s post, but it left a wonderfully refreshing spearmint taste in my mouth.  It lingers for a bit, yet it’s not overbearing.  I highly recommend giving it a taste on these muggy summer days!

You can find one at Potbelly’s.


Family Heirlooms

Last weekend, my friend’s mom gave her a gorgeous white sapphire ring, which compliments her style (she loves rings) and taste perfectly.  My first ring from my mom is a bit much for me, but it’s still really pretty.


It appears black, but it’s extremely dark blue Sapphire.  The setting is gold; an indication of the era it was purchased.  My favorite aspect of the ring is actually the heart shaped setting.  Mother said it’s not pricey, but enough to still be upset if it was lost.  Also, over the years she’s become an avid Costco shopper, and she’s even said she likes the rings, however, I know they’ll never carry a setting with a design like the one here.

Free Parking in DC?!

YES!  Free parking in Washington but only on Sundays – as of today.  Like an idiot, I thought Park Mobile was helping me cheat the system.  I opened the app and selected 4 hours and 25 minutes.  The price said $0.32.  Instantly, I rebooted the app thinking that there was a technical glitch.  Nope.  Still only $0.32!!!  I was super excited because this is the cheapest I’ve ever paid for parking by the minute and by the hour.

As I left DC, I realized today is Sunday… I paid $0.32 for NOTHING (well, technically the transaction cost for Park Mobile).  I’ll just pretend that the free Park Mobile app cost me $0.32.

Day Road Trip

If you’re from the Baltimore, then you probably already know about L. P. Steamers.  For those from the DC-Metro area and you’re looking for an authentic crab house, then you need to hit up L. P.  With reasonable pricing and friendly staff, you will enjoy L. P.

Will update pictures after friends pre-approve them.

Georgetown University & A Taste of China in Georgetown

Instead of taking pictures of Georgetown University, I leave it up to the professionals.

If you’re interested in attending the 22nd nationally ranked school, you’ll have plenty of architecture to admire.  Or if you simply enjoy a nice walk in the park with historical buildings, then you should visit the campus*.  As expected, it was very well kept, and the summer break freed the space of student traffic.  I could see the aesthetic appeal of attending this school.  It’s nestled right above all the mainstream Georgetown (M St) area, but it’s easily accessible if you enjoy walking.

You could stroll over to ching ching Cha and The Spice & Tea Exchange following your Georgetown University tour.  Both received excellent reviews on Yelp, but ultimately it was one of my colleagues that convinced me to step inside the stores, which I pass on a daily basis to work.

 ching ching Cha

Spice & Tea Exchange

I got a grapefruit (one of the two I’ve never had before, Hibiscus being the other, but grapefruit is stronger) iced tea from ching ching Cha for $2.75 (cash unless you spend a certain amount).  I prefer it over Starbucks’ passion fruit ice tea, which means this is my new personal ice tea spot for sure!  As you enter you walk into a store, you get the feeling of something you used to be able to find in Chinatown, DC (but much cleaner).  On the left is traditional Japanese (no shoes) style seating and tea service.  You can purchase tea pots, accessories, books, and of course tea.  It appears to be family owned and friendly.

Oh if you love spices, then you have to go to Spice & Tea exchange.  Since I just left a Tea establishment, I concentrated on the Salts and Custom rubs.  I sniffed over 30 spices and left with a small bag of Northwest Salmon Rub priced at $4.75 for a bag enough for about 4 pieces of salmon steak.  There are so many options that I made a personal promise only to buy one bag each visit.  Sadly, they didn’t carry my kaffir lime Thai leaf.

*Note: Their Law campus is located near Union Station.

Dress A Day

Making up for yesterday’s failure:

Like a Stubborn Child . . .

I forgot my WordPress password (and apparently Username – not my name but instead the page’s) yesterday and refused to click on the forget password link.  Today I caved.  Because of security issues, I’ve made so many different combinations of passwords that I almost always exceed the permitted attempts.  Thank goodness I don’t forget my Gmail ones.

I would be royally screwed if that was the case … minus their SMS recovery mobile option, which everyone and their mother should activate!  Finally, since the inception of Gmail (beta in 2006), I’ve never seen a malfunction equivalent to the GChat issue it’s experiencing at this very moment!  I really hope this isn’t the start of Google breakdown . . .

Idealistic Youth

Perhaps I surround myself with people who care about making a difference and other human beings, but I truly believe that my generation, Y or Millennials, wants to improve their community and strive to make the world a better place.  The biggest struggle that recent undergraduates face is finding the happy medium between living the dream aka doing what you think will make the most impact and facing reality aka loans, bills, etc.

Part of our idealistic youth is that a majority of people who’ve received a higher education have been sheltered from the harsh realities of life.  We’ve been taught our entire lives that we can achieve anything we set our mind to and if you put enough effort in, then you will get there.  Education is a luxury, and as a result, most students live in a bubble because very few students are also working.

One of the values our American society  prides itself in is capitalism.  Thus, every socially responsible citizen needs to be contributing in order for an efficient and successful society.  However, my generation  is so ambitious that our target is everyone on the planet!

Oh how selfless (or stupid as my parent would say) of us!  Part of the reason why we are so adamant about making a difference/change is because we have greater accessibility to alternatives and other situations in the world.  Because of technology, we can fly to the other hemisphere in less than one day or instantly video call someone that we previously didn’t have access to.  Our increasingly technological advancements are showing us that we are indeed all connected.  As well-educated people, we now feel a greater sense of responsibility towards humanity.  Or perhaps we’re addicted to the dopamine we receive from helping others?

$11.20 for Gas, Metro or Charity?

As I’m putting away clothing in bags to donate, I thought about selling a few items.  Instead of posting on eBay I went to the local Plato’s Closet.

Ok, I know fashion is supposed to depreciate in value significantly because of trends and usage, but I had a nice reality check when I was offered a total of $11.20 for a dress from BCBG Paris (left), Urban Outfitters (right), and a top from Burlington Coat (I know strange purchase from CT).

Good thing I’ve grown tired of the items and got them each on sale; otherwise, I’m sure I wouldn’t have sold them or been completely heartbroken.

For those looking for a few affordable purchases, I’d recommend going to Plato’s Closet for an initial attempt.  I did try on reptile pink/red Bandolino heels that were only $12?!?!?  If I actually needed more closed toe pumps, I would have bought them.  Lucky for me, I’m not in the market for shoes.  I also did see a couple of company names besides the “teen” (Abercrombie, Hollister, etc.) stores that they buy from.

So what can I get for $11.20?  About 3.5 gallons of gas, a roundtrip metro ride with parking, or a sense of selflessness by donating to a friend’s recent plea to save a library for Boston’s underprivileged children.

I’ll opt for donating to the library cause because I’m using a library this very moment!  If you’d like to learn more about how to save a school library from closing or donate, visit the project page here

Lean with It

The key to riding on the back of a Japanese motorcycle: lean with it.

I understand this sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the truth.  Besides trusting the driver with your life, you need to understand that when s/he leans, you need too  to.  Not too much as to throw the entire bike off balance, just enough to be helping with the turn.  As a passenger, you need to do some work other than just looking pretty.



Photo credit: Elizabeth Kakouris

My overall thought: the faster the better.  For those who ride jet skis, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s almost the same feeling with the bike except on land.  The thrill of a jet ski comes from either going against waves or going faster.  The thrill of a bike ride comes from either leaning or going faster. Since I don’t need anymore scars, I prefer the latter.  Also, the hardest part (as you can tell) was dismounting!