One Step at a Time

by Lynn

I’m slightly impressed with myself because of my dedication to the previous 15 posts.  A friend shared this story of a couple’s DC blog.

The line that caught made me think twice about what I’m doing here was “We blog about our lives instead of living to blog…”  When I first started this daily blog, I had two worries:

  1. After years of incomplete dairies and former unsuccessful personal blogs, would I be able to keep this one going?
  2. Can I challenge myself to find and complete one new experience everyday?

In order to relinquish these qualms, I have come to the terms that this is simply a personal outlet and amusement for my friends and anyone who stumbles upon it.

So for now I shall continue my journey one step at a time.  If you’d like to contribute a suggestion as to what my next step (or experience) should be, please feel free to contact me!