by Lynn

For those who like wind in your hair, you either would love to have or already have a convertible.

As it should, the acceleration was smooth and quick.  The driver did say that Mercedes gives you better control on turns.  Aesthetically, I didn’t find it appealing, but at the same it’s affordable.

Over the years I’ve been the passenger in several makes of convertibles.  My half-brother treated himself to a VW Convertible right from undergrad.  My friend’s mom got a Mercedes as a birthday present.  Another friend still drives her Lexus that she got as a high school present.  A super rich young Hollywood like Chinese girl drove a Bentley, and I was so scared of the opposing traffic that I couldn’t even enjoy it.  My favorite has been my Aunt’s Boxster  because it is light, small, and fun.

If you’re looking to buy this year, Edmunds has a 2012 convertible purchasing guide.