a little to much to expect from one day

by Lynn

Do you like to make lists?  Are you always referring back to your calendar as to when and where you need to be?  Have you finished a workday only to write out everything you must accomplish tomorrow?

If you’re not a good friend, then you’d automatically stereotype me as “A”: high-maintenance, intense energy, and over planner packer.  While I do like being organized and am high-energy, I am also very flexible.  Yes, I do like it when I know what to expect.  Most people feel more secure when they are in control of certain aspects life, but as we all know, life happens.

This doesn’t mean that you should be lackadaisical about everything.  It does mean that you shouldn’t expect everything to go exactly according as you planned it because WAKE UP – the world doesn’t revolve around you.  Make realistic expectations.  Prime example: “hot” cars on the train.  Everyone who rides WMATA knows that during the dog days of summer, you are bound to experience on at least one “hot” car.  Instead of sweating even more about stressing over why it’s not fixed, just breathe through your nose, close your eyes, and take a short nap.

If you don’t believe me about practical expectations, HBR blog released a recent “Best Strategy for Reducing Stress“.