Wikimania Washington 2012

by Lynn

Wikimania 2012 is being held in Washington, DC.  It brings together people invested in Wiki projects and highlights Wikimedia.  Since The Saylor Foundation is fundamentally based on open source ware, we wil be present at the conference, starting at tonight’s Google opening reception at the Library of Congress.

Contrary to the goal of free information, pictures, etc., the conference (as with most conferences) does require registration.  There is still on-site (George Washington University) late registration for those interested.  If you can’t make it out this year, no worries because you’ll have an excuse to fly to Hong Kong next year!

On a similar note, the International AIDS conference will be held on July 22-27 in Washington, DC.  This year’s should be have some monumental announcements.

Also, for those who are a little upset because of not being able to attend Wikimania or AIDS, I hope you’re a slurpee lover because you can help 7-eleven celebrate it’s 85th birthday!