Fashion: What is it good for?

by Lynn

For the past two years, I’ve been vocal about my contempt with my wardrobe.  I’ve never had a strong sense of style, and it can be attributed to the fact that my mother bought almost all of my clothing for me up until college.  However, following several moves, I have gradually been donating various items and am on the hunt for something other than classic.  I am not a patient shopper, so once I have something in mind I like to find it in the store.

Timeout – when does that ever happen?  Unless you are a designer, almost never.  I have become frustrated with myself and my style and am pro-nudity because at the end of the day: what is fashion even good for?

Luckily, I have more sense than to walk around naked (but I do endorse going comando or braless when you can!), so based on a suggestion, I Googled “Fashion Blogs” in an attempt to expand my horizon.  Not so surprisingly, I came across a lot of “vintage” blogs and what I’d consider “unrealistic” fashion blogs.  I also decided to confirm my starting point aka what kind of style I have.  Yes, I fall under the classic chic category.  There are many online tests to help you determine that if you don’t know.

After going to about 25 sites, I envied everything on them, but I don’t live in an area where I can hop over to the second hand store nor is my body shaped shaped like theirs.  Frustration.  Too often I find cute pictures from a Pinterest website, but know I’ll probably never be able to recreate that outfit because I have no idea where they purchased it from, am of a different body build, or don’t have the budget for it.

Of all the blogs I viewed, What I Wore is the most practical and appealing to me.  Besides casual and work combinations that I could find from similar stores, I also identify strongly with her blogging philosophy.  She has super fun Do It Yourself ideas too such as a friendship watch!

This is a really fun and personal documentary of a pastry chef’s fashion sense and food recipes.  She has amazing pictures of the clothing and food that are way out of my league, but I find her inspiring and will be sure to try to recreate some of her outfits and dishes.

Of the “unrealistic” sites off of “Top X #” resutls, Stylelist was one of my favorites along with Le Fashion.  As a budget conscious person, I thought I’d instantly fall in love with The Budget Fashionista, yet I didn’t find anything particularly noteworthy like the thousands that have visited the site.

So what is fashion good for?  Cliche enough, it is a way to express yourself.  Finally, I’ve always adored the BCBG collections, and my current tastes lies with either this golden yellow or coral pink version of a cocktail dress!