Information vs. Intuition

by Lynn

How important is information compared to intuition?  One might believe that since nearly everyone has access to the internet that intuition is the more powerful player in today’s decision making.  At the same time, if information is no longer essential, then why are there millions made on data mining?

I agree that a balanced approach is the final answer.  We are currently amind an educational and informational evolution, and I’m not quite ready to place a bet on solely information or intuition.  However, I strongly believe that intuition is usually the factor that distinguishes a decision that makes a company billions instead of thousands based on the principle that it is fundamentally of higher risk.

As of two years ago, HBR sides with the information team.  Simply because it takes a long time to build the experience necessary to have a dependable sense of intuition, doesn’t mean that society should undervalue it nor should we allow computer models run our lives.  There are methods one could practice to mitigate the risk potential of intuition.

Don’t you remember when Gladwell’s Blink was the latest hit on the shelves?  Perhaps, there’s a reason why we were so intrigued with the notion that we could determine more in the blink of eye than an expert in the field.  I leave you with a letter from a Stanford professor to his student.