Georgetown University & A Taste of China in Georgetown

by Lynn

Instead of taking pictures of Georgetown University, I leave it up to the professionals.

If you’re interested in attending the 22nd nationally ranked school, you’ll have plenty of architecture to admire.  Or if you simply enjoy a nice walk in the park with historical buildings, then you should visit the campus*.  As expected, it was very well kept, and the summer break freed the space of student traffic.  I could see the aesthetic appeal of attending this school.  It’s nestled right above all the mainstream Georgetown (M St) area, but it’s easily accessible if you enjoy walking.

You could stroll over to ching ching Cha and The Spice & Tea Exchange following your Georgetown University tour.  Both received excellent reviews on Yelp, but ultimately it was one of my colleagues that convinced me to step inside the stores, which I pass on a daily basis to work.

 ching ching Cha

Spice & Tea Exchange

I got a grapefruit (one of the two I’ve never had before, Hibiscus being the other, but grapefruit is stronger) iced tea from ching ching Cha for $2.75 (cash unless you spend a certain amount).  I prefer it over Starbucks’ passion fruit ice tea, which means this is my new personal ice tea spot for sure!  As you enter you walk into a store, you get the feeling of something you used to be able to find in Chinatown, DC (but much cleaner).  On the left is traditional Japanese (no shoes) style seating and tea service.  You can purchase tea pots, accessories, books, and of course tea.  It appears to be family owned and friendly.

Oh if you love spices, then you have to go to Spice & Tea exchange.  Since I just left a Tea establishment, I concentrated on the Salts and Custom rubs.  I sniffed over 30 spices and left with a small bag of Northwest Salmon Rub priced at $4.75 for a bag enough for about 4 pieces of salmon steak.  There are so many options that I made a personal promise only to buy one bag each visit.  Sadly, they didn’t carry my kaffir lime Thai leaf.

*Note: Their Law campus is located near Union Station.