Off the Menu

by Lynn

Starbucks offer’s off the menu options, but the best way to order these drinks is to simply list what you want.  OR you can say “I’m still looking” when the barista asks you if you’re ready, then s/he’ll say “how about I make you something”.  You choose between: 1) coffee or not and 2) hot or cold.  It ends with free drinks and the option to ask for something on  the menu if you don’t like what s/he made.  The best part is that if you have a friend with you, you can get one for them too!

The one on the left is similar to the “Raspberry Cheesecake” with a minty touch, and the one on the right tastes like “Chocolate Turtle Flavor” aka a Girl Scout’s Samoas/Caramel Delight cookie, which you can find a homemade recipe for.