Month: September, 2012

Rich Dad Education

Several years ago, I come come from college, and my mom tells me that her and my dad have been listening to his “Rich Dad” man talk about making money.  In my mind, I thought: “Great, my parents have been caught in a pyramid scheme, and now they’re going to join a cult.”  She handed me a CD and told me to listen to it.

It wasn’t until I realized that NPR and the morning radio shows couldn’t keep me entertained everyday during my communte to work did I actually listen to the 45 minute introductory speech on “Evaluating Opportunities in Business and Real Estate”.

My takeaways:

  • you can’t actually afford to make money unless you have money; we’re talking at least 1 million
  • when you have money, don’t be afraid to make smart calcuated risks
  • be sure to throughly understand financial reports and do your homework!  invest in educating yourself or finding the resources (people, organizations) that know more than you do
  • if you buy property, you should expect 100% return on investment
  • mutual funds are for the uneducated (according to Rich Dad) but makes sense for those who don’t have the time to learn or money to invest.

I am sure to share when I have other good life lessons from audiobooks.


Dog Hits Car

You read the title correctly.  I’ve been getting home later because of the new commute, so as I walk in the door my parents are having dinner.  They ask me to join and tell me that they have a story for me.  I ask whether it’s good or bad.  They said neither.

I change and come down.  Here’s how the conversation goes:

Me (Cantonese): So what’s the story?

Mom (Cantonese): Dad will tell you.

Dad (Mandarin): Do you notice anything strange with Shaobing when you came home today?

Me (looking over at Shaobing in her bed): No…I mean she didn’t jump around as much and follow me upstairs…

Dad (Mandarin): Well, I was walking her today, and I saw a big black dog coming in the other direction, so I crossed the street to avoid them.  You know how crazy she gets with other dogs.  As we continue to approach the other dog, a white SUV comes in the same direction as the black dog.  Shaobing is still being crazy, and I try to tell her in Chinese to be quiet. She rangles free from her neck collar.

Me (English): Wait WHAT?

Dad (English): You know the collar is big.  Too big.  Let me show you.  (Goes to get the collar.)

Lynn (English): Ok, I get it.

Dad (Mandarin): So as Shaobing runs across the street, she barely misses the car.

Lynn (English): WHAT?!?!?

Dad (English): Do I need to speak English?

Lynn (English): Yes!

Dad (English): Car wheel here.  Shaobing here.  (Pointing in the air).

Lynn (Mandarin): Continue…she seems fine.

Dad (Mandarin): That’s because your dog has nine lives.  Someone is looking out for her.  The SUV saw that she got loose and braked, but your dog hit the car’s back wheel.

Lynn (English): WHAT?!?!?

Dad (laughs English): Dog hits car.

Lynn (Mandarin): You’re telling me that our dog hit the car?  She looks ok…

Mom (Cantonese): I rubbed her belly for her.  It was so red when your dad first brought her back.

Dad (Mandarin): Let me finish.  Shaobing runs into the wheel then starts whimpering (makes whimpering noise) but because she was still moving I waved the SUV driver away.  She was so scared that her entire body was shaking.  I was scared!  She almost gave me a heart attack.  I picked her up and carried her home and then your mom rubbed Neosporan on her.

Lynn (English): WHAT?!?!?  How is her belly red?  What if she has internal injuries?

Mom and Dad (Cantonese and Mandarin): She’s fine.  She’s eating.  She’s jumping on the sofa.  She’s even back to barking again.

Mom (Cantonese): Just make sure to rub her belly again before you go to sleep.  It looks a lot better now than earlier.

For those who think that they have interesting family dinners, this one was a memorable one to say the least.

Below a picture of Shaobing’s belly with her bruised nipples; don’t mind her pee-pee spot.

Welcome to the Corporate Consulting

9 days into the corporate consulting life has taught me a few lessons to share with others interested in joining!

  1. You are the asset.
  2. All large companies have a hiring orientation, but the degree and quality vary depending on company culture and the level you are hired at.
  3. They pay you for something, so do expect to work including during the training.
  4. Virtual workforce/place is very real.
  5. You work on a team.

My inspirational moment during the first two days as I watched higher level people give presentations was this speech on why eating healthy matters.  I’d love to deliver something where I can shun or kick people out of the room; no, none of our presenters did this, but the best way to captivate an audience is make sure they’re on the same page as you to begin with.  Here’s the beginning of how I’d eliminate people:

Please raise your hand and keep them raised as I ask “How many of you want to live until you’re 55?  How about 65?  And 75?”

For those with their hands down, I ask that you please leave this room.  The talk I’m about to give doesn’t concern you because you don’t value your body.

Who here doesn’t think that what you but into your body matters?  Ok, for those who have their hands raised, please make the decision as to whether or not you wish to stay in the room.

Now, everyone in this room knows that what you put into your body matters…

On a different note, you know that the recruiting team is looking for a particular type of person when:

  • everyone in my start group has traveled, studied, taught, or lived in a country other than the USA
  • 3 of the girls have the exact same pair of earrings, purchased from various stores
  • everyone wants to go above and beyond
  • when we were first hesitant to share because of innate competitiveness, but then realized we all benefit from sharing
  • no one dislikes anyone.

It’s been a while

BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing something new everyday.  Let me recap a few events for you:

August 14 was my last week at my third official paying job at the educational non-profit.  I accepted my very first corporate position with a Fortune 500 company.

On August 19, my lovely friends treated me to a Tea Party at the Pink Bicycle Tea Room for an early birthday celebration.  Unfortunately, the only picture from our afternoon in the little Occoquan town is one of the pastry trays.  BE warned: do not buy crab salsa or salami from the last wine shop on the left down the main street by the water!

A day before my actual birthday.  Friends graciously joined me at Old Ebbitt for their oyster happy hour.  The pricing was amazing with great fresh selections.  Despite the hostess, I highly recommend going here.

My 24th birthday was celebrated by taking a practice LSAT exam!  Woot woot!

August 24-28: Five days in the New Jersey and New York City region was a personal record.  I have to admit that on the final day I was exhausted from all the walking!  Well, we averaged about 4 hours of walking per day.  I tried Grimadli’s famous pizza near the Brooklyn Bridge; be ready to wait at least 30 minutes even if you arrive before 5 pm.

Also, with the best view in the restaurant, we watched them make our pizzas and count $, so we’re pretty sure they’re in the mafia business.

Following the NY styled pizza, we failed at gaining entrance to the AfroPunk fest.

According to an avid Federer fan, I was one extreme lucky person because I got to watch his first round match at the U.S. Open.  Besides watching Kim Clijster and Federer win, we had wonderful weather in the largest outdoor tennis only court!

As a belated birthday gift, I received a venus fly trap!

His name is Alfred and birthday is August 29.  Unlike a sarraceniaceae family pitcher plant that I saw at the exhibit in the Botanical gardens,  as a dionaea muscipula, he’ll closes trap on a few insects a year.  Rain water is his drink of choice.  This is what I envision when he’s hungry…

not sure if I want to watch this happen yet…

I received my first bouquet of flowers from friends’ down in Charlottesville!

In case you’re on the market for a new television, the best time to buy is during SUPERBOWL season:

For those who are on a budget, you can check out monthly suggestions for best buys at Real Simple.  If you were looking for a cheap swim suit, you’re out of luck because August just passed, but if you’re looking for plants, then you hit the jackpot because it’s September!

Did you know eating grape seeds is good for you?

Finally, I have been asked to officiant a friend’s future wedding!  In Virginia, even though I have no religious affiliation, I am still allowed to marry a couple:  However, if you’d like to receive online ordination: