It’s been a while

by Lynn

BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing something new everyday.  Let me recap a few events for you:

August 14 was my last week at my third official paying job at the educational non-profit.  I accepted my very first corporate position with a Fortune 500 company.

On August 19, my lovely friends treated me to a Tea Party at the Pink Bicycle Tea Room for an early birthday celebration.  Unfortunately, the only picture from our afternoon in the little Occoquan town is one of the pastry trays.  BE warned: do not buy crab salsa or salami from the last wine shop on the left down the main street by the water!

A day before my actual birthday.  Friends graciously joined me at Old Ebbitt for their oyster happy hour.  The pricing was amazing with great fresh selections.  Despite the hostess, I highly recommend going here.

My 24th birthday was celebrated by taking a practice LSAT exam!  Woot woot!

August 24-28: Five days in the New Jersey and New York City region was a personal record.  I have to admit that on the final day I was exhausted from all the walking!  Well, we averaged about 4 hours of walking per day.  I tried Grimadli’s famous pizza near the Brooklyn Bridge; be ready to wait at least 30 minutes even if you arrive before 5 pm.

Also, with the best view in the restaurant, we watched them make our pizzas and count $, so we’re pretty sure they’re in the mafia business.

Following the NY styled pizza, we failed at gaining entrance to the AfroPunk fest.

According to an avid Federer fan, I was one extreme lucky person because I got to watch his first round match at the U.S. Open.  Besides watching Kim Clijster and Federer win, we had wonderful weather in the largest outdoor tennis only court!

As a belated birthday gift, I received a venus fly trap!

His name is Alfred and birthday is August 29.  Unlike a sarraceniaceae family pitcher plant that I saw at the exhibit in the Botanical gardens,  as a dionaea muscipula, he’ll closes trap on a few insects a year.  Rain water is his drink of choice.  This is what I envision when he’s hungry…

not sure if I want to watch this happen yet…

I received my first bouquet of flowers from friends’ down in Charlottesville!

In case you’re on the market for a new television, the best time to buy is during SUPERBOWL season:

For those who are on a budget, you can check out monthly suggestions for best buys at Real Simple.  If you were looking for a cheap swim suit, you’re out of luck because August just passed, but if you’re looking for plants, then you hit the jackpot because it’s September!

Did you know eating grape seeds is good for you?

Finally, I have been asked to officiant a friend’s future wedding!  In Virginia, even though I have no religious affiliation, I am still allowed to marry a couple:  However, if you’d like to receive online ordination: