Welcome to the Corporate Consulting

by Lynn

9 days into the corporate consulting life has taught me a few lessons to share with others interested in joining!

  1. You are the asset.
  2. All large companies have a hiring orientation, but the degree and quality vary depending on company culture and the level you are hired at.
  3. They pay you for something, so do expect to work including during the training.
  4. Virtual workforce/place is very real.
  5. You work on a team.

My inspirational moment during the first two days as I watched higher level people give presentations was this speech on why eating healthy matters.  I’d love to deliver something where I can shun or kick people out of the room; no, none of our presenters did this, but the best way to captivate an audience is make sure they’re on the same page as you to begin with.  Here’s the beginning of how I’d eliminate people:

Please raise your hand and keep them raised as I ask “How many of you want to live until you’re 55?  How about 65?  And 75?”

For those with their hands down, I ask that you please leave this room.  The talk I’m about to give doesn’t concern you because you don’t value your body.

Who here doesn’t think that what you but into your body matters?  Ok, for those who have their hands raised, please make the decision as to whether or not you wish to stay in the room.

Now, everyone in this room knows that what you put into your body matters…

On a different note, you know that the recruiting team is looking for a particular type of person when:

  • everyone in my start group has traveled, studied, taught, or lived in a country other than the USA
  • 3 of the girls have the exact same pair of earrings, purchased from various stores
  • everyone wants to go above and beyond
  • when we were first hesitant to share because of innate competitiveness, but then realized we all benefit from sharing
  • no one dislikes anyone.