Dog Hits Car

by Lynn

You read the title correctly.  I’ve been getting home later because of the new commute, so as I walk in the door my parents are having dinner.  They ask me to join and tell me that they have a story for me.  I ask whether it’s good or bad.  They said neither.

I change and come down.  Here’s how the conversation goes:

Me (Cantonese): So what’s the story?

Mom (Cantonese): Dad will tell you.

Dad (Mandarin): Do you notice anything strange with Shaobing when you came home today?

Me (looking over at Shaobing in her bed): No…I mean she didn’t jump around as much and follow me upstairs…

Dad (Mandarin): Well, I was walking her today, and I saw a big black dog coming in the other direction, so I crossed the street to avoid them.  You know how crazy she gets with other dogs.  As we continue to approach the other dog, a white SUV comes in the same direction as the black dog.  Shaobing is still being crazy, and I try to tell her in Chinese to be quiet. She rangles free from her neck collar.

Me (English): Wait WHAT?

Dad (English): You know the collar is big.  Too big.  Let me show you.  (Goes to get the collar.)

Lynn (English): Ok, I get it.

Dad (Mandarin): So as Shaobing runs across the street, she barely misses the car.

Lynn (English): WHAT?!?!?

Dad (English): Do I need to speak English?

Lynn (English): Yes!

Dad (English): Car wheel here.  Shaobing here.  (Pointing in the air).

Lynn (Mandarin): Continue…she seems fine.

Dad (Mandarin): That’s because your dog has nine lives.  Someone is looking out for her.  The SUV saw that she got loose and braked, but your dog hit the car’s back wheel.

Lynn (English): WHAT?!?!?

Dad (laughs English): Dog hits car.

Lynn (Mandarin): You’re telling me that our dog hit the car?  She looks ok…

Mom (Cantonese): I rubbed her belly for her.  It was so red when your dad first brought her back.

Dad (Mandarin): Let me finish.  Shaobing runs into the wheel then starts whimpering (makes whimpering noise) but because she was still moving I waved the SUV driver away.  She was so scared that her entire body was shaking.  I was scared!  She almost gave me a heart attack.  I picked her up and carried her home and then your mom rubbed Neosporan on her.

Lynn (English): WHAT?!?!?  How is her belly red?  What if she has internal injuries?

Mom and Dad (Cantonese and Mandarin): She’s fine.  She’s eating.  She’s jumping on the sofa.  She’s even back to barking again.

Mom (Cantonese): Just make sure to rub her belly again before you go to sleep.  It looks a lot better now than earlier.

For those who think that they have interesting family dinners, this one was a memorable one to say the least.

Below a picture of Shaobing’s belly with her bruised nipples; don’t mind her pee-pee spot.