by Lynn

In case you’re not aware, there’s a pretty big debate in the culinary world regarding when pasta is “done”.  Bottom line: it’s your preference.

Of course, if you’re a renown Italian chef (or my mother), you will argue until you’ve lost your voice that your state of pasta is the proper one.  Italian chef = al dente vs. My mother = soft.  If you want to cook pasta al dente, then you MUST be attentive and taste test as you cook!

Either way, I will not be making al dente for my mother again since she claims dinner was inedible.

At least Shaobing liked my pasta!

p.s. If you’re trying to figure out how to take a still frame from a movie clip (which is what I did here, then linked it to YouTube), this is the best online tutorial for Mac users with a newer version of iMovie.  Just remember that you right click on “Reveal in Finder” then save the imagine where you wish.